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LAZ Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

PEOPLE | PARTNERS | PLANET - Acting today for a better tomorrow! 

LAZ’s commitment to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into our operating framework reflects our longstanding commitment to our people, partners, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate.

Aligned under the LAZ Mission Statement to “Create Opportunities for our Employees and Value for our Clients,” LAZ launched an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Division in 2022. 

This ESG Division was created to ensure that our employees have access to Diversity programs, Wellness initiatives, and Operational Excellence procedures.  The division is designed to build value for our clients through sustainable resources, DBE partnerships, multi-faceted facility utilization, and technology optimization.

In 2023, LAZ secured the services of Quinn+Partners, a leading management consultancy specializing in corporate sustainability, sustainable finance, climate change, and responsible investment advisory services. As a mission-driven industry leader, LAZ partnered with Quinn+Partners to facilitate completing the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, (GRESB) Assessment; this premiere ESG benchmark will inform decision-making on ESG and sustainability initiatives throughout the company.

Download our 2023 IMPACT Report here.

 Download our ESG Policy here.

Meet our Environmental Social Governance Leadership Team! 
Michael Harth, Chief Culture Officer
Learn more about Michael here.
Stephanie Barnes, ESG Co-Chair & Vice President, LAZ Healthcare Services
Learn more about Stephanie here.
Tammy Temple, ESG Co-Chair
Learn more about Tammy here.
Kim Spagnulo, ESG Marketing/Business Development
Learn more about Kim here.
Daniela Nelson, ESG Coordinator
Learn more about Daniela here.

Environmental Principles - EARTH


Embrace Digitization

  1. E-commerce solutions​
  2. Text-to-Park and frictionless​
  3. PARCS and space navigation technologies

Advanced Electrification

  1. EV charging stations​
  2. E-bikes, e-cargo, e-vans ​
  3. Electric/hybrid LAZ fleet

Reward Conscious Behaviors

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (education and awareness)​
  2. Eliminate plastic, reduce waste, reduce printing/paper​
  3. Reclaim/reuse water, reduce water consumption

Trust Responsible Suppliers

  1. Sustainable supplies, uniforms, and recycled products ​
  2. Vendors with shared ESG mission​
  3. Clean power sources



Heal the Atmosphere 

  1. Urban Hubs/Urban Farming​
  2. Transportation Demand Management​
  3. Last-mile logistics​
  4. Reforestation 
Meet our EARTH Team Leaders! 
Will Walker, Technical Sales Director
Embrace Digitization
Brandon Myers, General Manager- Nevada
Advance Electrification
Shannon Damboise, Director - Insurance and Risk
Reward Conscious Behaviors
Meghan Reed, Senior Director- Corporate Finance
Trust Responsible Suppliers
Chris Kovitya, National Senior Director- University Services
Heal the Atmosphere