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About LAZ Parking: Charitable Foundation

Charitable Foundation

PowerPoint Presentation Creating Opportunities. Inspiring Hope!

Donate to our LAZ Charitable Foundation!

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The culture of LAZ Parking has its roots in giving. So, in 2009 we created the LAZ Parking Charitable Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is simple: " The LAZ Charitable Foundation brings hope and opportunity to underserved communities by supporting solutions for housing, education, food insecurity, mental health and career development."

LAZ Parking's employees, clients and vendors have all contributed significantly to the Foundation, which raised approximately $2,500,000 in the last 5 years. The Foundations commitment to providing opportunities and inspiring hope includes an international impact. The foundation now supports underserved children in a number of countries. 

In addition to our Foundation, LAZ provided regular corporate donations to over 70 charitable organizations in 2023, that positively impacted the lives in the regions we work and live in. These donations are separate from the Foundation’s activities.

LAZ Parking has also responded to tragic events, such as donating money to humanitarian relief in Maui, Ukraine, Israel and Gaza, just to name a few. 

Donate to one of our current charities:


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Child Sponsorship - Ghana

Child Sponsorship - Guatemala