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LAZ Live! Venue and Event Services


Arrival and departure play pivotal roles in creating a superior fan experience at live events. LAZ Live! Venue & Event Services takes pride in being your consultative partner and solutions architect. We are committed to elevating the fan journey, parking and beyond.

From interior and exterior event staffing, to integrated business intelligence platforms and eCommerce solutions, we are passionate about delivering exceptional experiences through meticulous process management. Our company is purposefully crafted to harness our distinctive approach in handling intricate operational environments on a large scale.

At the heart of LAZ's success in event operations lie three foundational pillars: people, process, and technology. We are committed to being your collaborative partner, bringing onboard seasoned professionals, time-tested methodologies, and tailored innovations to elevate service delivery and guarantee heightened guest satisfaction.


LAZ Event Services

LAZ Live! is partnered with over 70+ stadiums, arenas, indoor & outdoor concert venues and dynamic events across the nation providing services for professional and collegiate sporting events in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, PGA Tour, ATP Tour, Formula 1, NLL, USFL, USL, MiLB, NBA G-League, AHL, ECHL, NCAA Football, Basketball, Volleyball and more!

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Jon Applegate
Vice President, LAZ LIVE! Event & Venue Services
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Austin Zilis
Director of Business Development
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James Hughes
Director of Business Development
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