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University Services

College and universities strive to balance parking for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, while maximizing available resources. LAZ Parking’s comprehensive approach to campus mobility planning and operations with decades of experience uniquely positions us to provide innovative solutions to campuses of any size.

Solutions for Campuses

Our solutions can be tailored to unique campus environments; streamlining processes, improving operations, and enhancing the customer experience.

  • Parking facility management. Day-to-day management of parking lots and garages, including access control, revenue collection and reporting, and facility maintenance.
  • Permitting system and enforcement. Using in-house or partner software, an end-to-end solution is provided for online permit sales and management, license plate-based enforcement, university enterprise integration, and citation issuance/appeal/collection.
  • Event management. A seamless customer and client experience is provided for events of any size through pre-event text-to-park reservations, handheld credit card payment, knowledgeable brand ambassadors, and post-event cleaning.
  • Transportation. Multimodal solutions for intra-campus transportation, event shuttles, or when remote parking is required due to limited proximate parking or increases in demand.

    Services to Streamline Operations

  • 24/7 Customer Care Center. Centralized customer service solution that provides real-time support and management by professionally trained associates who answer questions, solve problems, and help with transactions 24/7/365.
  • Snap and Text to Park. Paying at ungated locations or events with the simplicity of scanning a QR code or texting. Customers scan the QR code at the facility, enter license plate and length of stay, and pay using a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.
  • Paperless exit. Paying at gated locations is now as easy as a few quick taps on a phone. Customers simply, scan their entry ticket with their phone, pay using a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, and show the phone’s QR code at the exit kiosk. No app to download and no account to setup.

LAZ Business Intelligence

The LAZ Business Intelligence platform provides unique, interactive data visualizations, for continuous awareness of parking facilities and operations. LAZ BI also integrates with Parking Revenue and Access Control Systems (PARCS), pay stations, and ecommerce solutions, allowing for visualization of data for revenue monitoring, expense management, and more. This customizable solution offers snapshots of the most critical data points that drive organizational goals. By creating key performance indicators, managers and clients can monitor locations as a group or as a single entity in near real time, and drill-down from high-level to granular views. As a result, strategic, data-driven decisions can be made with regards to how to best manage and optimize the operation.

Local Focus, Regional Leadership, National Support

Though LAZ Parking has more than 14,000 employees in 41 states, each location is managed locally. The LAZ’s management structure is designed to empower local and regional leaders to make the best decisions, while continuously supporting them at a national level through the strength of the LAZ organization at large.

LAZ’s national support teams facilitate efficient communication, knowledge sharing, and resource allocation across regions, enabling LAZ to leverage local expertise, adapt to market dynamics, and capitalize on regional opportunities. Additionally, LAZ has dedicated service lines to meet the needs of specialized operations, including:

  • University Services
  • Event Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Government Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Hospitality Services
  • Airport Services

Each service line has a dedicated team of industry experts from around the country that are available to provide operational insights and drive innovation. This also anables effective coordination of activities, standardization of processes, and implementation of company-wide strategies, leading to improved performance. National support ensures that regions have access to best-in-class training, practices, and technology to run efficient operations and drive value to our clients.

National University Advisory Panel

Specific to colleges and universities LAZ Parking recently launched a National University Advisory Panel, comprised of LAZ leaders in the university sector. Together, they bring over 100 years of parking experience, leadership, operational excellence, and more. This group of leaders drives value for clients through the sharing of best practices and development of standardized policies and procedures.

Accredited Parking Organization

LAZ Parking earned Accredited Parking Organization (APO) status in March 2022. APO is a designation for parking organizations that have achieved a comprehensive standard of excellence. It recognizes best practices in responsible parking management and operations, customer service, professional development, sustainability, safety, and security.

To earn the APO Accreditation, LAZ had to demonstrate its commitment to ongoing evaluation and improvement through the implementation of industry best practices. LAZ worked with third-party reviewers to present evidence of accomplishment of more than 100 criteria in 14 categories, in addition to 25 required criteria. Accreditation is granted for a period of three years and requires ongoing compliance monitoring and reporting.

The Accredited Parking Organization (APO) is a non-profit organization that provides accreditation to parking facilities and organizations that meet a set of industry-recognized standards for best practices and operational excellence.

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