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About LAZ Parking: Testimonials


The Shops at Sunset Place

Retail & Mixed Use

"LAZ Parking has been incredible to work with. They have a very professional staff that is proactive and creative. They have increased our income and worked with us to solve complex operation issues. They are simply the best parking garage management company I have ever worked with."

- Vicki Baisden, Senior General Manager, Grass River Management

The First Baptist Church of Austin

Mixed Use

"LAZ provided strong service to our church from the beginning. LAZ personnel did a remarkable job marketing our garage. Thanks to their efforts...almost from the beginning they kept us more than one year ahead of our projections about when our garage might be fully rented."

- Marshall Smith, Business Administrator

The Beverly Hilton

Hotel, Hospitality, Valet, & Concierge

"As a hotel owner, we strive for two objectives; outstanding guest service and maximum return for investors. LAZ has consistently helped us deliver both."

-Theodore Kahan, President

Yale University


"Through the years LAZ has provided facility management, on site staff and most importantly - dependable and reliable service. I view them as a trusted partner. Besides being happy with LAZ Parking's normal performance, I frequently call on them for advice and expertise"

-Ed Bebyn, Manager, Yale University Parking and Transit

XL Center

Retail & Mixed Use

"LAZ Parking increased the net financial performance of the Hartford Civic Center Garage during their first year of operation. The owners and employees of LAZ Parking are true parking professionals and I would highly recommend them in a challenging mixed-used environment."

-Peter Standish, Senior Vice President, Northland Investment Corp.

Boston College

Campus, Event

"Boston College is proud to have one of the most comprehensive football game day parking plans in all of college athletics. LAZ Parking is extemely cooperative with all of our game day constituents, most importantly our surrounding municipalities. LAZ has become an invaluable part of our operations and I expect them to remain a part of the Boston College family well into the future."

-Gene DeFilippo, Director of Athletics (1997-2012)

Main Line Health

Medical & Hospital

"LAZ Parking has provided a highly stable, invested management team which has been dedicated to ensuring a successful, smooth, client-friendly operation for Main Line Health. They have explored many avenues for expense reduction, and continue to provide a Class A service, giving us the best possible return for our vendor dollars."

-Frank L. Sylvis Finance Manager, Main Line Health Realty

PHP Management

Retail & Mixed Use

"We have used LAZ Parking’s services and expertise to help us improve our properties’ image and maximize income as well. In fact, since switching over service to LAZ, we have seen a 50% increase in our parking profits"

-Peter Wagener, Commercial Property Developer

Chase Enterprises

Office Buildings

"I would highly recommend LAZ Parking as a quality operator with a proven ability to increase the bottom line performance of the facilities they acquire. LAZ Parking has increased the net financial performance of all of our facilities as compared with our previous operator. Their success in our facilities is attributed to aggressive marketing and sensible operating expense reductions"

-Robert A. Coiteux, Director of Operations

Trumbull on the Park

Residential Buildings

"I have worked with LAZ Parking since 1985...the professionalism, integrity, marketing efforts and maximization of profit has always been executed in top-shelf manner. It is upon this success that I strongly recommend LAZ Parking for your parking management services"

-Martin J. Kenny, President, Lexington Partners