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Business Intelligence

Maximize the value of your data to make decisions smarter and faster

LAZ BI collects parking, demographic, sales and weather data and transforms it into actionable business insights. Optimize occupancy, oversell, labor schedules and rates to maximize profits.



Level 1 - Dynamic Data Visualization - Take the guesswork out of parking management. See the full picture with real-time analysis; slice, dice and drill drown to spot variances without running any reports.



Level 2 - Advanced Analytics - Take data a step further. Predict behavior and forecast 
demand; combine historical, recent occupancy and sales data with third-party factors, like weather and seasonality. 



Level 3 - Revenue Management - Trust more than just your gut. Make real-time staffing and pricing decisions based on hard data and the LAZ team’s decades of operating experience and expertise.


With LAZ BI, you’ll have the power of knowing what’s driving your business, right at your fingertips.

Contact your local LAZ Representative about partnering with LAZ Parking for your Business Intelligence needs.