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“Its not what we do, its how we do it”  

As a “People First Company”, we believe that LAZ has a responsibility to help people and elevate humanity through business. We seek to improve the lives of people and are taking steps to attract and build a world-class and inclusive work force. At LAZ, our social programming showcases this commitment, by providing our people avenues for career development, maintaining their safety and well-being, and giving back to the community.   

Learning and Development: LAZ offers our employees opportunities to grow and develop in their careers through training programs such as Coaching for Success, LAZ University, and our Leaders of Tomorrow Summit. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We continually offer DE+I programming to uplift employees within minority groups and training programs to educate LAZ nation on creating a safe and inclusive working environment. LAZ hosted a DE+I Symposium and Inclusive Behavior training, which included 50 sessions which reached over 600 attendees. 

Laz Charitable Foundation: Formally recognized by Candid with a Platinum Rating and a 92% rating from Charity Navigator, LAZ Charitable has committed to expanding their impact. In 2023, LAZ Charitable has redefined their mission and hired our first full-time Executive Director of the LAZ Charitable Foundation, Ralph Caldin.  

Second Chance: In partnership with the Connecticut, Michigan, Texas, and New York Departments of Corrections, LAZ has provided job opportunities for individuals who have been previously incarcerated. Since 2006, over 300 men and women have joined LAZ nation though this program. 

Health and Safety: Maintaining employee safety is at the forefront of what LAZ does and we have committed to introducing new initiatives annually to minimize the impacts of hazards to our employees and to the company at large. We have doubled the participation of location in our Safety Audit Programing and deployed a new national safety organizational structure. 

Employee Engagement Survey: LAZ actively seeks employee feedback on their work experiences through our annual Pulse Survey. Our most recent survey received over 5,000 responses, the majority of which had favorable responses to their time at LAZ.