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Our vision is to create “Opportunities for our People, Partners, and the Planet” and to reach our ultimate goal of NET ZERO BY 2036. To further develop a robust ESG program that builds a culture and feeds into Best Practice, we created five EARTH teams. Each of these teams provides leadership opportunities for young emerging leaders across LAZ through work in various environmental initiatives. The EARTH teams choose projects which target the following five themes:  

E: Embrace Digitization  

A: Advance Electrification 

R: Reward Conscious Behaviors 

T: Trust Responsible Suppliers 

H: Heal the Atmosphere 

Below are 2023 Highlights from our EARTH teams:  

  • Traditional PARCS to Paperless Exit: Expanded to 161,000 locations nationwide, accounting for the elimination of 2,400 pounds of C02 in the atmosphere. 

  • Elimination of Single Use Plastic: This pilot project eliminated 42,000 single use plastic water bottles at 3 LAZ locations.  

  • Shred It: Our paper recycling pilot diverted over 14,000 pounds of paper from landfills from 18 LAZ locations.  

  • Earth Day and Arbor Day Challenge: Our annual event has encouraged LAZ team members nationwide to take part in environmental community projects (cleanups, tree planting, seedling handout, etc.) which has led to over 500 pounds of trash collected and the elimination of 5,000 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere this year.  

Our Transportation Service Line has also completed a comprehensive Fleet Inventory & Telematics Software Installation to LAZ’s fleet vehicles. These efforts feed directly into advancing fleet management and into the completion of LAZ’s first ever GHG inventory, which will be published in our upcoming 2024 Impact Report.