Permit Information


Parking permits go on sale for residents and/or employees of the Central Business District.


Parking Office

Permits may be purchased at the Parking Office at the MVRTA garage (located at the corner of Granite Street and Moulton Way) Monday - Friday 7am-8pm.

All parkers will be required to complete a parker information form. Provide vehicle registration information and show proof of residency or proof of employment in the Central Business District.  The appropriate form for a resident or an employee may be downloaded from this website.  Printing the form now will save you time when you visit the office.


If preferred, you may submit your completed application along with your payment by mail to:

LAZ Parking
Attn: Haverhill Permits
43 Granite Street
Haverhill, MA 01832

Make Checks Payable to "LAZ Parking Limited, LLC"

Please do not mail cash - check or money order only.  Please allow 7-10 days for processing of mailed application forms.  Once processed, a permit will be available for pickup at the garage office at 43 Granite Street.


Also, residents and employees have the option to purchase a permit online through the LAZ Parking site. A hangtag will be available for pickup at the garage office on the next business day.


Permits are sold on a quarterly basis for $60 per quarter (based on $20 per month); or on an annual basis for $240.

Quarter 1: July 1 to September 30,

Quarter 2: October 1 to December 31,

Quarter 3: January1 to March 31,

Quarter 4: April 1 to June 30,

Yearly: July 1 to June 30,

Both Yearly and Quarterly Permits will be pro-rated by the full month and billed accordingly at $20/ per month.

Permits are non-refundable, non-transferrable and not replaceable in event of loss, damage or theft - All permit holders assume risk of permit ownership.


Permits are valid for all Central Business District parking locations including the Herbert H. Goecke Jr. Parking Deck. 



Only residents and employees of the Central Business District may purchase a parking permit.


Residents shall mean that a person(s) resides within the Central Business District to include the streets listed below.  Employee means that a person is gainfully employed by an employer within the Central Business District to include the streets listed below.

  1. Emerson Street  (Washington Square to Walnut Street)

  2. Essex Street  (Washington Square to Moulton Way)

  3. Granite Street;

  4. Haverhill Place;

  5. How Street

  6. Locke Street

  7. Locust Street (Essex Street to Orchard Street)

  8. Merrimack Street;

  9. Moulton Way;

  10. Orchard Street;

  11. Park Way;

  12. Railroad Square;

  13. Washington Square;

  14. Washington Street ( Washington Square to Washington Avenue)

  15. West Street;

  16. Wingate Street

  17. Merrimack Place

  18. Walnut Street

Residents and employees must show proof of residency and proof of employment to obtain a parking permit


Please contact LAZ Parking at (978) 872-7463 or via email at if you have any questions related to the parking program.