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We'd love to tell you all about our service, but it speaks for itself.

“...they genuinely care about people and you can feel they are rooting for you. So, thank you Kaiser, LAZ Parking, and a huge thank you for your kindness.” 

– Kaiser Permanente Patient

“...rain or shine, the LAZ team was very welcoming, greeting me every day with a smile and a kind word throughout my 44 day radiation series.”

– St. Francis Cancer Patient

“Your employee was warm and proactive. Having him be so attentive to the needs of my parents was the best experience we have ever had.”

– Paoli Hospital Family Member

"I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge four of your employees. They are David, David, John and Keith. I am a cancer patient at the center and have been greeted with a smile and gracious manner by one of these four gentlemen every morning. I've seen them work in freezing weather and demanding conditions. They never skip a beat. They know the delicate conditions these patients are in and make every attempt to make their trek to their treatment as easy as possible. I can say this because I have daily treatments and see it day after day. I would have been remiss as a Christian to not give these gentlemen the credit they are due. I live five minutes from another treatment center but chose St. Francis because I knew the commitment to their patients and it includes the first people who greet you and take your car. They set the tone of your experience there. Thank you for your time."

- Lynne M. Gallinoto, Patient at St. Francis Cancer Center

"As per our conversation I wanted to follow up with an email to commend the work of your staff – Steve and Dennis in providing outstanding service. They consistently go above and beyond to keep our patients safe and make sure they get to where they need to be. I have received feedback commending them from our CEO and President Dr. Robert Krug, our Director of Neurology at the Mandell MS center as well as many other staff. We are grateful to have individuals with such commitment, compassion and diligence working here on the north campus. Thank you." 

- Maura, St. Francis Hospital

"I'm a patient at the St. Francis Cancer Center and have had the pleasure of meeting all of the young men who provide valet parking services. I have been going to the center every day for nine months and have never had a bad experience. The men who work for you are personable, courteous, fast and caring. They make such a huge difference in our lives, especially after a long and painful day of treatment. I feel like they have my back, watch out for me and are sensitive to my physical well-being. Thank you for all you do and for overseeing such a great group of people. With sincere appreciation..."

- Rorie Russell, Patient at St. Francis Cancer Center
"I was undergoing daily radiation therapy at the above facility when LAZ Parking replaced the existing entity that was providing valet parking services for patients. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the folks who pull into the driveway at St. Francis Cancer Center are already dealing with a wide range of issues and that the very last thing they need is being late for an appointment, caused by the failure of the valets to perform their duties. In addition, the importance of a smile or a kind word to someone with a terminal, or potentially terminal, condition cannot be overstated. The LAZ gentlemen who met me every morning at 7:45 a.m., Kenny, David I, David II, Ruben, LAZ and O'Neil, started every day for me during an extremely difficult snd stressful time, on a positive note. And I strongly believe that these exceptional men were, in large part, responsible for my successful completion of treatment and positive final prognosis. LAZ clearly hires and trains only the best. How many companies can make that claim based upon the reviews of customers? Not many. So, thank you LAZ Parking, Kenny, David I, David II, Ruben, LAZ and O'Neil. I can't find the words to quantify your effect on my condition. Thank you so much."

- Ann Wood, Patient at St. Francis Cancer Center