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Patient Support Services

Our support services help us provide an exceptional patient experience.

Valet Service

Your visitors will be greeted by a compassionate valet staff that is the hallmark of our company. We create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at a time when people may feel most vulnerable.

Concierge Service     

Patients and their visitors often need assistance during their hospital stay. Our concierge service offers a warm and caring face for your patients and visitors to go to for help with transportation, wayfinding, community information, hotel reservations, dining options, food delivery service and much more.

Ambassador and Greeter Programs     

When patients and visitors arrive at the hospital they are often overwhelmed and confused. LAZ Ambassadors and Greeters are an extension of your facility, providing a warm welcome and directions. Ambassadors and Greeters are mobile and can be stationed at multiple locations inside or outside your facility.

Patient Companion     

The role of a Patient Companion is critical to the patient experience. LAZ understands that patient safety is the top priority and our training programs ensure that these caregivers are educated in patient safety and hospital protocols. At LAZ, our Patient Companion Program goes beyond a simple watch service by providing additional offerings such as reading through our LAZ Book Club and board games at the bedside.

Patient Transportation     

Our Patient Transporters are kind and compassionate caregivers, also focused primarily on patient safety. LAZ offers many technological solutions for paging systems, mobile apps and data analytics to improve productivity and throughput.

Visitor Management System     

There are several access points to your facility where you may be interested in or already have a Visitor Management System or Vendor Management System. LAZ caregivers (Ambassadors, Concierge or Valet Cashier) can be trained to manage these systems for you at your critical access points. Streamlining this service through a LAZ caregiver will enhance your hospital security and possibly reduce cost.

Patient Shuttle Service     

Implementing a LAZ shuttle bus system ensures that your patients and visitors will experience a timely and smooth transfer throughout your facility. Efficient transportation solutions enhance your organization’s image. LAZ Parking’s technology allows customers to receive the exact location of the shuttle and estimated time of arrival through a lobby display and/or a smartphone app. To ensure safety, our shuttles can be equipped with monitoring systems that record fast stops, sharp turns and other unwanted activities. We provide reports on ridership counts, wait times and rider comments.

Surgical Patient Car Service     

One of the most emotional times for a patient and their family members is on the day of surgery. Often times, patients may not have a vehicle available or a ride at the time they need to arrive. The LAZ Patient Car Service is a private, comfortable, and custom experience for the patient and their family. LAZ will partner with your facility to customize a pre-surgery video, communicating the pre-admission information that is usually discussed upon arrival as well as important safety instructions. Hand-held technology is also an option, giving the patient an opportunity to start the admission process before arriving at the hospital. This video can also include important safety and health information. Videos can be customized for the ride home as well, featuring post-surgery instructions and reminders. LAZ can also partner with your facility to utilize hand-held technology to start the pre-admission process and/or survey the patient as the leave the facility.

Patient Mobility Center     

LAZ can purchase, manage, and maintain a mobility center for your patients who may need a scooter, walker, cane, or specialized wheelchair upon their arrival. The LAZ Family has extensive experience with purchasing these units and managing the equipment through inventory tracking technology. These options are extremely convenient and great enhancements to the patient experience.