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Employee Programs

Not only can we appreciate your busy schedule, we can help to lighten your load.

Parking Assignments: Priority Parking Program

LAZ Healthcare Services understands that managing patient and visitor parking is a top priority for hospitals to ensure a pleasant arrival experience. However, there are many other customer populations to manage as well; physicians, employees, students, residents, volunteers, contractors, special events and more. LAZ will partner with your hospital leadership to define the priorities of your facility and create parking assignments and zones accordingly.

The Mission of the Priority Parking Program is to provide convenient and available parking to all hospital patrons in an organized and prioritized manner. The program is fair, transparent, and consistently applied. The assignment criteria is based on (1) availability, (2) organizational priority and (3) tenure. LAZ will assist in developing a Reassignment Request Program (RRP) for those instances when there is insufficient capacity to fulfill an employee’s first preference. LAZ will also assist with creating default parking options during off-peak times, evenings and weekends.

Employee Dry-Cleaning Service, Grocery Service and Vehicle Services     

LAZ understands that hospital Physicians and employees have very busy schedules. To help your employees balance the necessities of everyday life with their demanding professions, LAZ will partner with local business in your community to provide laundry services, grocery delivery and car maintenance. Car maintenance can include car wash, car detailing, oil change or even on-site tire change or battery jump start. These services are managed centrally through the Concierge Service or handled in a conveniently located employee parking garage office.