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LAZ Parking is embarking on a journey to leverage our best-in-class real estate parking network by creating tech enabled neighborhood solutions Proximity On Demand Services – “LAZ PODS”. The LAZ PODS are a system of transformative mobility and last mile solutions (“LAZ Mile”), that connect to our current LAZ systems and will deliver value to our clients and customers in the communities we serve.

     LAZ Kitchens

        LAZ POD Kitchens let you quickly and affordably expand your restaurants, with
        thousands of location choices across the country. 

     EV Charging

        LAZ is all charged up and ready to go with its state-of-the-art charging solutions.

     Last Mile Logistics (LAZ Mile)

       Everything from groceries and daily household items to traditional UPS and FedEx
       packages, can all be at your doorstep through the LAZ Mile delivery system.