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Innovation in Music City


Nashville’s Pathway to Smarter Parking and Mobility Innovation

By Rob E. Maroney, CAPP and Diana Alarcon, CAPP

The City of Nashville, Tennessee has long been known for its country music scene, traditionally drawing mostly artists and fans from all over the world to create and enjoy music and entertainment. Until recently when most people thought of Nashville, they thought of cowboy hats and boots, honkytonks, line dancing, and live music. While that culture is still alive and thriving in Nashville, the city has seen an urban transformation that has reshaped its entire landscape and even its identity.

Today, Nashville is one of the fastest growing American cities, increasing in population by more than 50% over the past decade. It has become an attractive destination for new residents sparked by an influx of new corporate headquarters, a thriving entertainment district, new hotels and amenities, and more. The city has become a hot spot for several growing industries, including healthcare, technology, and entertainment, as well as companies of all sizes from startups to major corporations. This has created a substantial employment boom, attracting talent from across the globe, and increasing the demand for housing and urban amenities.

In response to this population growth, the Nashville skyline has also changed significantly, adding several new high-rise condos, mixed-use developments, and office buildings. All this new construction has altered the city’s architectural character with neighborhoods like The Gulch and others now showcasing more modern residential towers, trendy restaurants, and a vibrant arts district. This dramatic shift from the Nashville of previous generations presents several new opportunities for residents and visitors of all backgrounds, professions, and interests. However, it has also created several challenges.

As the city has grown, so too has the need to advance its public transportation and infrastructure. The city has spearheaded several initiatives aimed at accommodating so much additional traffic, congestion, and urban sprawl. A major component of the infrastructure and policy improvements initiated in recent years is the comprehensive makeover of the city’s parking and transportation system. One such example is the expansion of the Music City Star commuter rail line, as well as several enhancements to the public transit system to better commuter experiences and drive people to alternative transportation. The city has also initiated several upgrades to its parking system from innovative parking technologies to new parking infrastructure to further support the overall transportation infrastructure.

Read the full article on how LAZ addressed these challenges and the impact they have had, here:  December 2023 | Innovation in Music City (parking-mobility-magazine.org)