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Uber Staging Area Opens at LAZ Operated Garage in Downtown Las Vegas


The City of Las Vegas welcomes millions of visitors each year. Managing curbside congestion to support Vegas’s tourism industry is an evolving challenge across deliveries, taxis, ride-hailing and personal vehicles.

The launch of ride-hail staging with Uber in a city owned garage is a major step forward toward managing congestion and providing safe and convenient transportation ability.

Drivers with Uber now have a place to wait for a ride, use the restroom or connect to Wi-Fi off of the city’s busy streets. The garage is located at 455 S. Third Street. The staging initiative is aimed at providing a better experience for residents, visitors and drivers who provide a valuable service through the Uber app.

The program, along with the curbside management project on Main Street outside the Plaza Casino, is part of the city’s initiative to ease congestion and manage curb space. The program gives drivers a place to wait for a ride request, use a restroom or connect to Wi-Fi services while being off the city’s busy streets. The city is partnering with Uber, parking technology company FlashParking, customer support provider Parker Technology and parking operator LAZ Parking to allow drivers with Uber access to the staging area. Drivers will be able to park free of charge between 4 p.m. on Friday afternoons through 4 a.m. on Mondays. The garage is located between the Fremont Street Experience and Fremont East corridors on the north and the 18b Las Vegas Arts District to the south. The program establishes a designated area for drivers to wait for their next passenger and offers a seamless way to access the garage, resulting in less traffic in and around downtown.

Drivers with Uber can gain access to the garages by registering and verifying their status as a driver through their phone. Upon verification, drivers can download the FlashParking app, which provides access during specified hours through Bluetooth or with a digital barcode in the app. Parker Technology will support the driver experience by using embedded two-way video intercoms to provide highly personalized service at the gates. Parker Technology will also support driver inquiries and service calls via phone and the city’s parking operator, LAZ Parking, will have an attendant onsite to ensure that drivers have a good experience.

This program is part of the city’s initiative to help ease congestion and manage curb space used for passenger pickup and drop-off. The staging area joins the curbside management program in partnership with Cox Communications on Main Street outside the Plaza hotel-casino. Both programs are the first of their kind in the country that demonstrate new technologies that are being developed to improve the downtown experience for visitors and drivers alike.

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