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Our superior parking services often attract media attention, and we’re always eager to share in-house news about our employees and the company’s activities.

Below you’ll find links to stories that provide the latest updates on LAZ Parking, industry insight, and some uplifting announcements that speak to the culture of LAZ Parking.

LAZ Welcomes New Wellness Coach


At LAZ Parking, we believe in creating opportunities for our employees that help them grow both professionally and personally. One way we do that is by investing in their health and well-being.

To support this effort, we have expanded our team of Wellness Coaches, welcoming Casey Calkins to the company in July. She has a master’s degree in health programming and recently completed her dietetic internship, which included counseling and working with patients in hospitals. Casey joins Wellness Coach Cathy Carney who has a master’s degree in nutrition and is a certified Health Coach. Together, they make a powerhouse duo ready to support the more than 2,700 employees enrolled in our health insurance benefits with customized nutrition, disease management programs and other wellness incentives.

At LAZ, we believe self-care goes far beyond going to a doctor for annual physicals and screenings. In addition to incentivizing employees for those kinds of activities, we have recently launched a pilot of a program called the “Whole Life Project”. The project is focused on customized mind and body practices, in addition to preventative medical care, to cultivate a sense of literally “feeling whole.” Each person who participates in this project commits to a personalized nutrition and wellness program driven by results from a clinical food sensitivity test.

Each person’s program is unique and designed carefully by our expert Wellness Coaches to achieve optimum results. Programs include a combination of activities that support improved nutrition to reduce inflammation.

It's our intention through this project to collect and analyze information that helps us understand what kinds of services, practices and education can make the biggest impact on our employees’ overall health. We plan to use this data to drive future healthcare decisions for our company.

“We believe that this wellness work is not only a way to deliver on our people-first company culture, but is also an important contribution to solving the healthcare crisis in our country. Providing access to health-related tools, resources and information, as well as educating employees about how to navigate the system, empowers people to take ownership of their healthcare experiences, a mindset that will help everyone in this country,” says Andi Campbell, SVP of People and Culture for LAZ.