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LAZ Parking proudly welcomes Valet Parking Service (VPS), the company that established the valet industry in Los Angeles, to the LAZ family. LAZ has merged their Los Angeles operations with VPS, bringing together two entities that prioritize people and excellent service. When the pioneering Herb Citrin joined the parking business with his father in 1946 he started with a single client, Lawry’s the Prime Rib in Beverly Hills. As a visionary, Herb set a new, more professional standard for all valets, introducing white-glove service and the red vest, black tie uniforms that have become a staple. With more than 60 locations and 425 employees, VPS is a trusted brand in the parking industry. Herb’s simple motto, “Give us your car. We get it back to you safely,” as well as his high regard for the profession and respect for his clients lives on in the company. Michael Harth, a Co- Founder at LAZ saw Herb Citrin as a mentor, and plans to ensure these values are embraced in Herb’s memory. 

“My partners and I are thrilled to have Valet Parking Service (VPS) join the LAZ family. Herb Citrin founded VPS in 1946 and served as a role model for not only LAZ Parking, but for the entire industry in terms of integrity and innovation,” said Harth, Chief Culture Officer at LAZ. “Tony Policella, the current owner of VPS, and his team are a perfect fit for LAZ and we are honored to carry forth their tradition as one of the oldest and most recognized parking companies in the Los Angeles market.”

Herb Citrin, who died in 2013, is known as the ‘Father of Valet.’ He made the profession more widespread in Los Angeles and helped shape the industry. The National Parking Association awards the Herb Citrin Trophy at its annual National Valet Olympics. Valet Parking Service remains one of the top valet providers in Los Angeles and continues to serve Lawry’s, in addition to high-profile venues like the Oscars, the five-star Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel and Spago, Wolfgang Puck’s first restaurant.