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Our superior parking services often attract media attention, and we’re always eager to share in-house news about our employees and the company’s activities.

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Thanksgiving is a holiday full of traditions. From Turkey around a table full of family and friends, to flag football games in the backyard. Once the day is over, another tradition begins: a weekend full of shopping in preparation of the holiday season. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday and countless sales and markdowns in between, the weekend after Thanksgiving has become a shopping frenzy. This past holiday weekend, our LAZ team at the Citadel Outlets, Los Angeles' only retail outlet center with 130 brand name stores, prepared themselves for just that; a shopping frenzy.    

An estimated 200,000 people made their way through the Citadel shopping center over the weekend, ready for all the steals and deals they could find. To ensure that customers could spend more time shopping and less time looking for a parking space, LAZ was on hand. We parked an average of 1,200 cars a day, parking a total of 4,894 cars over the holiday weekend. Even more impressive? There were absolutely no claim reports filed! 

The weekend was a huge success for the LAZ family as well as the Citadel shoppers. And, true to The LAZ Way, some incredible stories came out of the weekend that we wanted to share:   

One LAZ team member by the name of Soti decided to download a Google Translator in hopes of communicating with a helping a foreign customer, helping him to find his self-parked car in a sea of cars.  It was like finding a needle in a haystack and, true to our Never Ever Give Up motto, Soti didn’t stop until the car was found.   

Kyle, another LAZ family member, came across a young child with special needs. He had been separated from his family, was lost and hysterically crying.  Not only did Kyle take charge of the situation, but he also went above and beyond to help locate the child’s family, constantly checking in with security to make sure he was ok.     

John, our LAZ superhero of the day, gave his all by stepping up to the plate and providing relief to his teammates in a heavily populated area of the parking lot. Nearly 400 cars were parked in this given zone, John parking half of them himself!   

The post-Thanksgiving rush was quite an undertaking, but the LAZ team didn’t think twice. They LAZ Way was exemplified as everyone rose to the occasion, delivering an extremely successful first holiday season rush. Now, we’re getting ready to do it all over again next month!