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Violation Notices

Alpha Park utilizes rmcpay.com (RMC) for payment processing of all violation notices. RMC’s website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the industry standard security protocol, to securely communicate with web browsers.

To pay your Violation Notice click on the Pay Now button.

All violations disputed by vehicle owners will be reviewed and resolved by Alpha Park. To appeal a violation notice, click on the Appeal button and complete all the information requested. Alpha Park will retrieve the information specific to your notice and contact you.

Using the Appeal button is the quickest way to resolve a violation dispute. You may call and leave the same information on Alpha Park’s phone message system. The number to call is (303) 291-1111 Ext. 3. For Alpha Park to process your dispute, the following information is required in your phone message:

  • Your name, address, phone number, and email address
  • Citation Number
  • Date of Notice (Issue Date)
  • Location (Zone Number and Name)
  • Vehicle Plate Number
  • Reason for Appeal

Alpha Park will retrieve your violation notice information and contact you directly.

Alpha Park contracts with PRRS to collect outstanding violation debts that are not paid in a timely fashion.