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About the Meters

Meter Features

  1. Go Green
    Solar-powered units with toner-less printers.
  2. Display
    Press any button to start. Then simply follow the prompts on the display.
  3. Keypad
    Use the keypad to enter space number and select time desired.
  4. Pay-by-Coin
    Pay using nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins.
  5. No Change? No Problem
    Pay using a credit or debit card.

On-Street - Pay and Display

  1. Press any key to get started.
  2. Input desired hours.
  3. Make payment for the desired time.
  4. Take receipt and place face-up on driver's side dashboard.

Off-Street - Pay by Space

  1. Park vehicle
  2. Remember Space Number
  3. Proceed to meter, enter space number, and select the desired parking time.
  4. Pay fee if applicable
  5. Keep receipt - no need to display